Thursday 022615


-Be pFestivus flierrepared for some cancelled classes at the end of February/beginning of March. Our daughter Amelia will be rearranging our schedule a bit.  Thank you for your understanding.

-Thursday pm classes will be cancelled next week (Feb. 26th), many apologies. (No that is not a planned day of birth for Amelia ;)

-This week is a DELOAD WEEK. That means it will be just a little easier than a normal week.



Fundamental #7- The Air Squat

-The sWhy Squat flierquat is a foundation for fitness.  You wouldn’t see a lasting house or building with out a good foundation.  So don’t neglect yours.

-Squat myth: “Squatting is bad for my knees”……This is FALSE.  Here’s a short article from that may help convince you.


 Active Rest Day  (all PM classes cancelled)

Come in for any of the following in the AM:

1) Make up a WOD from the week

2) Do Outlaw Way Connectivity and Gymnastics WOD  (see below)

3) Do some mobility and intense stretching

4)Open gym

5) Combine any of the above into a Fitness cocktail of your choice.

Rowing drills

no straps on feet

500m with damper setting at 6.  Next 500m with damper setting at 3 (goal is to keep s/m and split times equal to previous 500m…the only change will be the damper setting)


3 minute Thoracic Foam roll

3 minute Quad foam roll

3 minute shoulder Lacrosse ball smash


PVC Raises 3×8
4×0:20 Seated Pike Stretch
photo 3 copy

Static Shaping
Accumulate 2:00 in an L-Sit on Parallettes (can sub in boxes, etc.)

3×0:30 Upside Down hollow body hold on Rings (can sub regular hollow body on floor)

Handstand Work
3×0:40 30 Degree Handstand Hold
photo 1-2

Skills and Drills
2×10 Straight Body Lever, 0:10 Descent DEMO
*Try to get legs as straight as possible.

Spend 5:00 in the bottom of your Squat  (find your flaws and note them.  We need to perfect this position)

-Adapted from The Outlaw Way Connectivity and GymnasticsWOD

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