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Foundations is Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 7pm-8:30pm  SIGN UP TODAY!  


Those looking to increase their quality of life and get fitter in all aspects
New to CrossFit, or new to CrossFit White River.
Those seeking access to Regular classes and membership.


Foundations is a 2 week membership for $119 or 1 month membership for $169. It consists of (4) 90min classes that take place Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm-8:30pm for 2 weeks and then you will be ready to attend the regularly scheduled CrossFit classes with confidence.

This course starts at the beginning of every Month.  The 2018 start dates are: March 6, April 3, May 1, June 5, July 3, Aug 7, Sept 4, Oct 2, Nov 6, Dec 4. 

If you'd like to get going sooner please consider our 1-on-1 foundations that provides mroe flexible times to suit your needs.


This course consists of personalized instruction in every movement we do here. We will tell you what we do and why, and by the end of this course you will be ready for ongoing success here at CrossFit White River.  In addition you will have a one-on-one wellness consultation with Coach Brandon or Sadie to talk about the role of nutrition in your new fitness adventure.


CrossFit is difficult. With that said, it takes some time to get your body accustomed to the movements we do here. These movements are easy to learn, but you need to learn them before we up the intensity and throw you in the furnace. We feel that Foundations will give you enough time to let your body adapt to higher intensity and learn everything we do here. And once you are ready, you're going into the furnace, baby! Because the furnace is where raw materials are made into lethal weapons and where you become a better you. Welcome to CrossFit White River! You're going to do great.


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